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Suitable for pain, tremor, weakness, arthritis, limited dexterity and dysphagia.

Gravity keeps it upright
This means you can hold the handle at any comfortable angle. This is unlike standard cups which can only be held at one vertical angle – which can be difficult or be impossible.

Lift without bending your wrist
You can lift handSteady to your mouth without needing to bend your wrist. This is unlike a standard cup which forces you to continually bend your wrist to keep the cup upright.

Reduce chances of spilling
If your wrist accidently moves forward, such as when there’s a loss in concentration, handSteady can stay upright to stop painful, embarrassing and inconvenient spillages.

Reach without twisting your body
You can grasp the handle upside down, bring it to your mouth in a smooth 180 degree motion and avoid the need to twist your body if reaching for it when it’s on a side table.

Less far to lean when reclining
When reclining you don’t need to lean up as far to connect your mouth with handSteady because you can hold the handle at a comfortable side angle. This reduces the effort required.

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