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Ireland’s Leading Provider of Specialist Medical Products

For over 20 years, O Neill Healthcare has been providing  an extensive range of high-quality wheelchairs, hoists, cushions, mattresses, shower chairs, emergency lifting devices and other healthcare solutions that cater for:

  • People with special needs
  • Those with reduced mobility
  • Unique posture requirements
  • And those who require night-time positioning

We also provide a wide range of specialist solutions for nursing homes, hospitals, emergency services, people suffering from dementia as well as a variety of other specific illnesses. Browse our product range online or contact our product specialists today on 

With O Neill Healthcare, you know you’re in safe hands.

Looking for our ENT product range?


For our Laryngectomy, Tracheostomy, Dysphagia and Communication Aid products, please visit the Sentient Healthcare website.

Sentient Healthcare is our new sister company. Same great team, same great products, the only change is in the name!

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HD Balance

HD Balance

A durable yet lightweight tilt in space wheelchair.


A durable yet lightweight tilt in space wheelchair. All alterations ie seat tilt, back angle, seat depth armrest height, and leg elevation are easily carried out and clearly gauged making it easier for nursing/care personnel. Crash tested and passed. Carer brakes as standard. Can be custom built to suit individual clients. Ideal for recycling purposes. A vast range of accessories available. Frame warranty 5 years.

Laryngectomy & tracheostomy

Laryngectomy & tracheostomy

We provide a comprehensive range of specialist laryngectomy and tracheostomy essentials that you can rely on.


Molift raizer

Molift raizer

A Transfer platform for active transfer.


Etac Molift Raiser – Transfer platform for active transfer The Molift Raiser sit to stand transfer platform is designed to provide active, safe transfer of the user and at the same time the best possible ergonomically conditions for the caregiver.



We provide a wide range of quality products dedicated to dysphagia to assist with safe drinking, eating, and swallowing difficulties. Read more about our Dysphagia products.



With a product range as wide as ours, we regularly have some spectacular special offers

John O'Neill

John O'Neill

Managing Director

A Word From Our Directors

Making people cry was never part of the plan for O Neill Healthcare. But since 1999, the countless number of people who have cried with happiness at the results of the products we have personally provided, makes this the most rewarding industry we could imagine working in.

When we talk about what it is that we do, people often remark on the passion that comes across and on how we view our company and our clients. We see our products as solutions and we pride ourselves on improving each person’s quality of life.

John & Norma O'Neill

Our passion for what we do was highlighted in an article in The Sunday Independent.

Norma O'Neill

Norma O'Neill



O Neill Healthcare is a company that puts the client first. They will go out of their way to advise, loan and support. This facilitates the work of therapists country wide.

Speech and Language Therapist, Ireland

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Christmas Arrangements 2017

Christmas Arrangements 2017

December 15th 2017 is the last day for order despatching (for all in-stock items) to be sure of pre-Christmas delivery. The offices and warehouse of O Neill Healthcare will be closing on December 22nd and reopening January 2nd.  Thank you for your support and...

What Is Dysphagia?

What Is Dysphagia?

What is Dysphagia? Dysphagia is the medical term used to describe swallowing problems. It is caused by any medical condition which affects the structure, strength and co-ordination of chewing and swallowing muscles. This might be due to stroke, Parkinson’s disease,...

The SL40 Lightwriter is my Lean Clean Dream Machine

The SL40 Lightwriter is my Lean Clean Dream Machine

The SL40 Lightwriter is my lean clean dream machine.

I lost clarity of speech when I was knocked down walking home from school aged ten. The lightwriter has given me back my independence and confidence. I can now speak with ease to a wide and varied audience.

I love the way the SL40 remembers words and phrases you use on a regular basis, and stores these words under the numerical numbers on the key pad. So if you just press one key say “H” you get a range ofdifferent words beginning with the letter “H”. To select a word you press the number to which the word is alloted and the word immediately appears on the screen.

The speech is clear and concise. The voice/voices are very naturaland humanistic sounding. All the voices have a pleasant charming and commanding english accent. You can choose from two male voices and two female voices. For people hard of hearing the words are clearly visible on both of the display screens.

O’Neill Healthcare are a trustworthy honest and reliable company

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