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Reduced mobility can result in people finding it both painful and difficult to sit down and stand up. We offer a range of products designed to help users user the toilet with far greater comfort and safety than they might have otherwise.

Browse our range of toileting products below or contact us on to arrange an assessment or demonstration with one of our product specialists.

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Etac Cloo toilet seat raiser - O Neill Healthcare

136.50177.00 ex. VAT

Etac Flex grab rail - O Neill Healthcare

28.50102.00 ex. VAT

Etac Handy safety grab bar - O Neill Healthcare

18.0033.00 ex. VAT

Etac Hi-Loo Fixed - O Neill Healthcare

91.50187.50 ex. VAT

Etac My-Loo with brackets - O Neill Healthcare

26.9337.43 ex. VAT

Etac Optima toilet arm support - O Neill Healthcare

105.00130.50 ex. VAT