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Carved Seating

A seating device that is designed to accurately contour to the postural profiles of the client, whilst offering the required levels of support, correction, accommodation and comfort (pressure and temperature).

The Posture Belts and Posture Harnesses User Instructions download is available below.

Carved Foam
Our carved foam seats, available as a part or full system, offer:
  • Good support and high levels of both accommodation and comfort for those clients who require an accurate yet less firm seating solution.
  • Particularly good for people at risk of pressure sores and those that find more supportive seating systems too restrictive.
  • Carved seats are manufactured from a range of foam densities, including specialist materials designed to offer high levels of pressure relief.
  • The carved foam seat is both adaptable and to a degree adjustable, through the use of alternative interfacing options, including Blatchford Adaptable Interfacing System (BAIS), V-Trak and AEL.
Matrix & Lynx Seating Systems
  • Both of these seating systems offer good support and accommodation coupled with effective temperature management and further adaptability after supply.
  • Matrix & Lynx seats can be supplied as full systems or just as backrest only.
  • They are mounted to the wheelchair using a Blatchford Adaptive Interfacing System (BAIS) and a strong but lightweight custom made aluminium frame.
  • All systems are supplied with a thick quilted Terry cloth cover and can have specialist foam inserts incorporated into it, to increase the comfort and pressure relief.