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Chewy Tubes

Chewy Tubes offer a safe, non-toxic surface for developing biting and chewing skills.

NOTE: Chewy Tubes are not recommended for use with children under 9 months of age.


The innovative Oral Motor Device to develop biting and chewing skills

What are Chewy Tubes?
  • Chewy Tubes are innovative oral motor devices designed to provide a resilient, non-food, chewable surface for practicing biting and chewing skills. Chewy Tubes have been designed to be used with the new Jaw Rehabilitation Program, a patented methodology offered by Speech Pathology Associates, LLC to develop jaw motion for biting and chewing skills.
  • Chewy Tubes offer a safe, non-toxic surface for developing biting and chewing skills. Chewy Tubes are latex-free and lead-free. In addition, they do not contain PVC or phthalates.
  • Chewy Tubes are available in 2 fun and attractive colours. Yellow Chewy Tubes offer a smaller stem size for chewing while Red Chewy Tubes offer a slightly wider stem size. Chewy Tubes colours are all FDA compliant and CE marked.
Who can use them?
  • Chewy Tubes are offered to children and adults as a safe and effective tool for practising biting and chewing skills.
  • Therapists may select Chewy Tubes for use in treatment of individuals who are developing initial oral motor skills, or rehabilitating the jaw after surgery, trauma or stroke.
  • Youngsters seeking additional proprioceptive input into the jaw may also like biting on Chewy Tubes.
  • Children with autism require professional supervision when using Chewy Tubes.

NOTE: Chewy Tubes are not recommended for use with children under 9 months of age.

How are they used?

Chewy Tubes are offered for tactile input at the loci of the molar dentition/molar gum region as follows:

  1. Present one Chewy Tube laterally into the mouth
  2. Touch the stem of the Chewy Tube to the cutting surface of the molar teeth/gum
  3. Help improve jaw stability and provide valuable sensory input into the jaw through biting on a Chewy Tube

Chewy Tubes should always be used with supervision. Assessment of the jaw is recommended prior to biting on Chewy Tubes. Patients should follow the recommendations of their therapist or caregiver when using Chewy Tubes.


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Jaw Rehabilitation Program

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Yellow (smooth)

The Yellow Chewy Tube is used with a smaller jaw, typically an infant 9-10 months old. It can also be used with an individual who cannot open the jaw very wide. The Yellow Chewy Tube features a narrow stem 9.5mm OD
Ordering: OS CHW 0001

Red (smooth)

The Red Chewy Tube is used normally with toddlers – it has a wider stem 12.7mm OD. This tube can also be used by children who are receptive to oral tactile stimulation or with adults who have a larger jaw.
Ordering: OS CHW 0002

 Chewy Tubes Green (knobby)
Green (knobby)

The Green knobby Chewy Tube has been designed to increase sensory input by means of the raised dots on the shaft.The shaft diameter is 15mm OD. The Green knobby Chewy Tube is slightly harder to chew on when compared with Yellow and Red Chewy Tubes.
Ordering: OS CHW 0003

Blue (larger size)

The Blue Chewy Tubes are 75% thicker than the yellow or red Chewy Tubes. This thickness represents an incremental increase in difficulty for use in exercises with the Jaw rehabilitation program. The Blue chewy Tubes are intended for use by adolescents or adults with a more developed masseter muscle.
Ordering: OS CHW 0005

P & Q Chewing Aids

The P & Q chewing aids provide an extra tool in the rehabilitation programme. Both these devices provide more resistance than the Chewy Tubes, as they do not easily compress when chewing or biting takes place. The Q is wide enough for bi-lateral chewing activities and the P is especially easy to grasp by small fingers or those with low muscle tone.

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