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Eclipse 180 Electric Hoist

The Eclipse is an electric hoist that provides a comfortable, safe transfer and maximum space for the user. It is easy to use, offers great stability and is specially designed to facilitate users of any type of seat or wheelchair.

The Eclipse has a very compact base and an ergonomic lever that makes it easily manoeuvrable in narrow spaces and tight corners,  making it suitable for:

  • home environments
  • care homes
  • hospitals

The Eclipse offers great stability and has a great range. It can be lowered to collect a user from the ground and can be raised up to 182 cm.

It disassembles in two parts and it can be assembled or disassembled in less than 1 minute. There are several types of slings available depending on the user's requirements.


The Eclipse is easy to manoeuvre, with 100mm double castors that swivel. Its electric actuator is equipped with an emergency cutoff in case of electrical failure and has 2 x 24V batteries, emergency stop button and manual lowering.

Eclipse 180 Electric Foldable Electric Hoist Cover

Eclipse 180 Electric Foldable Electric Hoist


Eclipse 180 Plus 130 51.1 114.8 89.9 175 51 180
Eclipse 220 130 58.1 121.6 83.6 181.3 52 220



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