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Etac Molift Basic Full Sling

Etac Molift Basic Full Sling

The Etac Molift Basic Full Sling is a full body support sling made of a net polyester material that breathes and dries quickly.

It is particularly suitable when the sling is to be left underneath the user in a chair or wheelchair, and for users with muscular or skeletal pain.


Molift Basic Full Sling provides good support for the entire back.

It is a high back model and puts the user into a more posteriorly tilted position. The shoulder straps have a unique sliding loop, which provides smooth transition from sitting to lying position. It must be applied with the user in a lying position.

Recommended User Weight

S: 25–50kg (55–110lbs)
M: 45–95kg (99–210lbs)
L: 90–160kg (198–353lbs)


S: 3047010
M: 3047011
L: 3047012

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