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Etac Molift Basic Sling

Etac Molift Basic Sling

The Etac Molift Basic Sling fits most users and lifting situations in the home care and institutional environment.

It has the same design as the Molift Easy Sling with divided leg support and a medium open cut, but without the padded parts. Without the padding, the sling is an alternative when the user is sitting in a moulded seat or similar narrow seats.


Features and Benefits

Unique sliding loop

The unique sliding loop function in the shoulder straps balances the weight distribution in every moment of the lift – making it very comfortable to lift from a lying to a sitting position and vice versa.

Available with head support

Molift Basic Sling with head support provides support for the entire body, and it is therefore especially suitable for lifting to and from a lying position and lifting from the floor.

Back pocket

The back pocket provides an easy and comfortable application.

Recommended User Weight

XXS: 12–17kg (26–37lbs)
XS: 17–25kg (37–55lbs)
S: 25–50kg (55–110lbs)
M: 45–95kg (99–210lbs)
L: 90–160kg (198–353lbs)
XL: 160–240kg (353–529lbs)
XXL: 230–300kg (507–660lbs)


Regular: 3021050
Head support: 3022050
Regular: 3021000
Head support: 3022000
Regular: 3021100
Head support: 3022100
Regular: 3021200
Head support: 3022200
Regular: 3021300
Head support: 3022300
Regular: 3021400
Head support: 3022400
Regular: 3021500
Head support: 3022500

Etac Molift Basic Sling User manual

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