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Etac Swift Mobile Tilt

Etac Swift Mobile Tilt

Makes showering and toileting easier and safer for the user.

The Etac Swift Mobile Tilt is available in three models. The basic model with a manual operate tilt function, also then available with a motor. It is also available with increased weight capacity, Swift Mobile Tilt 160,  a sturdy chair for heavier users.


Swift Mobile Tilt makes showering and toileting easier and safer for the user.
Availalbe in Swift Mobile Tilt 160 version – a sturdy chair for heavier users.

  • The seat unit is both angle and height adjustable.
  • The soft backrest moulds to fit the user’s back for a safe and comfortable position when leaning back.
  • Both the armrests and footrests are moveable to ensure easy transfer to and from the chair.
The safe alternative – for home and hospital

Swift Mobile Tilt is designed to ensure high comfort for both user and carer.

  • The user is ensured a safe and comfortable seat, while the carer is able to manoeuvre the chair easily, providing optimum care.
  • The mouldable backrest and gently arched footrests with heel straps add that little bit extra support.
  • The tilt function is controlled by a metal bar running the width of the chair, just below the top of the frame.
  • The metal bar is useful because it makes it possible to stand to the side and still be able to reach the bar and adjust the seat angle.
  • This enables the carer and the user to maintain eye contact for better communication.

Swift Mobile Tilt: 80209410
Swift Mobile Tilt with bucket holder: 80209411
Swift Mobile Tilt with pan holder: 80209412
Swift Mobile Tilt 160: 80209480
Swift Mobile Tilt 160 with bucket holder: 80209481
Swift Mobile Tilt 160 with pan holder: 80209482

The Swift Mobile Tilt 160 – a sturdy chair for heavier users:

Swift Mobile Tilt 160 has all the benefits of the Swift Mobile Tilt and is in addition sturdy enough to handle a maximum user weight of 160kg (353lbs).
Another diffference is that the width between the arm supports is 54cm to provide extra space.

Chassis material: Powder-painted steel
Seat/armrest material: Polypropylene/PP
Backrest material: Polyester/Velcro/PA
Footrest material: Polypropene
Headrest material: Polyurethane
Castor: Polyamide/TPE, lockable, ball bearing
Gaspistons: Lift capacity 130N
Weight: 14.9kg (33lbs)
Care: Clean the chair with a solvent-free detergent. 85°C if so required.

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