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Moulded Seat Inserts (MSI) MSI’s offer simplistic solutions, great accommodation, optimum support and correction coupled with ease of maintenance and a lightweight package.

Features and Benefits
  • Outer shell is manufactured from high-density polyethene, an incredibly tough material, which is resistant to cracking of splitting.
  • It is lined with a single layer of medium density foam and in most cases, a second liner is used to provide a degree of adjustment either weight gain or growth.
  • Most MSI’s are supplied with a quilted Terry cloth cover, which is made to measure and will perfectly contour to the shape of the seat.
  • MSI’s are available as a full seat interfaced to a suitable wheelbase or wheelchair using Blatchford’s fully adaptable interfacing system (BAIS).
  • It is also possible to supply MSIs as a backrest only with a variety of mounting options, including V-Trak and AEL

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