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Voicetec Amplifier

Voicetec Amplifier

The Voicetec voice amplifier is an aid for patients with limited speaking volume.


The Voicetec® voice amplifier is an aid for patients with limited speaking volume.

Features and Benefits

It enables very good amplification of the quiet oesophageal voice, in laryngectomised patients, for example. It is especially well suited whenever a louder conversation volume is desired, in order to also be understood even with high levels of background noise. With the aid of the Voicetec® voice amplifier, this is also possible without strenuous attempts to speak loudly.

The handy, wireless and radio-controlled transmitter unit that can be attached to clothing, for instance, enables a great deal of mobility. This extends the patient’s comfort and field of application.

Voicetec Amplifier

Clean the device with a damp, but not wet cloth. Always pull the power supply connector out of the mains socket beforehand! Do not use any sharp or aggressive detergents or any that contain alcohol or solvents, as they could damage the plastic parts.

The device is suitable for reconditioning and reuse. The housing parts have to be disinfected with domestic surface disinfectants for this purpose. Take care that no disinfectant solution enters the device sockets or the loudspeaker 26 .

the microphones have to be replaced before every change of patient. no reconditioning is possible here.


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