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Dysphagia Booklet

Care and Management Solutions from Kapitex

A good resource for anyone who has dysphagia as well as for healthcare professionals working with patients with dysphagia. This booklet offers answers to some of the most prevalent questions surrounding dysphagia including:

  • What is dysphagia?
  • How do I recognise dysphagia?
  • Diagnosis and treatment of dysphagia
  • The importance of hydration

It also provides useful information on products that can help those living with dysphagia.


What is Dysphagia?

Find out the medical terminology defining dysphagia and its symptoms.


How do I recognise dysphagia?

Find out what the signs are indicative of dysphagia.


What problems can it cause?

Find out the problems that can be caused by dysphagia like dehydration.


Diagnoses and Treatment

Find out the treatments for Dysphagia and about some great solutions available.

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