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We pride ourselves on our relationship with our clients.
Delivering your product is just the beginning.

John O'Neill

John O'Neill

Managing Director

A Word From Our Directors

Making people cry was never part of the plan for O Neill Healthcare. But since 1999, the countless number of people who have cried with happiness at the results of the products we have personally provided, makes this the most rewarding industry we could imagine working in.

When we talk about what it is that we do, people often remark on the passion that comes across and on how we view our company and our clients. We see our products as solutions and we pride ourselves on improving each person’s quality of life.

John & Norma O'Neill

Our passion for what we do was highlighted in an article in The Sunday Independent.

Norma O'Neill

Norma O'Neill



Founded in 1999 by John and Norma O’Neill, O Neill Healthcare Ltd today employs people in sales, marketing and administration.

Our Rehabilitation Department provides an extensive range of solutions catering for people with special needs, reduced mobility, unique posture requirement and those who require night-time positioning. We also provide specialist solutions for nursing homes, hospitals, people suffering from dementia and other illnesses.
Our ENT Department specialises in supplying a complete range solutions for Laryngectomy and Tracheostomy patients, those who require assistance to communicate and products for clients with issues swallowing.
In addition to products, we strive to provide quality information, education and support to clients, their carers, healthcare professionals and families.
Pauric O'Neill - Product Specialist

Pauric’s story

Pauric O’Neill, product specialist with O Neill Healthcare, has been with the company for over 15 years. Here’s what he had to say when asked about why he enjoys his work.

“The first day I went out with John, it was to assess a young chap in a wheelchair. While John was with him, his mother took me aside. She told me, ‘My son could never sit well until he started using that chair from O Neill Healthcare’. She thanked me.

I was so impressed with the work that we did that day, with the difference we made and with the meeting we had with the OT Geraldine. That same day, I went home to my wife and told her that I was leaving my job, that I’m going to work for O Neill Healthcare. I told her, ‘This is great work to be doing’.

It’s the same work we do today.”

Quality & ethics

When we started O Neill Healthcare started we made a conscious decision to sell top quality products, and apply ethical prescribing in every situation. We see our products as solutions and we pride ourselves on improving each customer’s quality of life.


Life is a 24-hour a day experience. Like you, we believe all of the minutes of every day should be lived and enjoyed, in a comfortable, pleasurable and ethical way. By supplying a better quality product we help guarantee you a better quality of life. Our dedicated team of product specialists have a combined experience of over 85 years in the healthcare sector. As corny as it sounds, they genuinely care and will always go that extra mile for you or for your patient.


Our team believes in bringing the product to the patient rather than the patient to the product. We assess patients for all our products, in every county of Ireland. Patients get the most value when the professionals working with them have as much expertise as possible. 

Isn’t it nice to know, that the best quality products are actually available all in one place, with a level of service that’s second-to-none, on your doorstep, nationwide.

Quality Products

We’re here to help you provide for your patients. Just think of the benefits of having access to the best products on the market, with accessible funding options; of having the the right solution for all of your clients’ conditions.

Experienced Product Specialists

Think about about having our well-trained team of problem-solving product specialists help you with your assessments. Whether your patient has difficulty walking, standing, sleeping or breathing, we have the world-renowned, quality products and expertise to help you find the right solution for them.

Highest Standards

Think about your level of standards. The high standards demanded by you and by your profession are mirrored by our own. For us, ethical prescribing is a guarantee, not an option and our product training is second to none.

With O Neill Healthcare you know that you have an experienced, ethical team of specialist that you can rely. It’s no wonder that Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists and Speech and Language Therapists all over Ireland choose to work with O Neill Healthcare.

A Better Quality of Life

Imagine the joy of being able to sleep better, walk faster, breath easier. Imagine the joy, the relief, of a better quality of life, made possible thanks to the simple intervention of quality products and expert assessment and care. At O Neill Healthcare, we care about delivering a better quality of life and a service you can rely on.

A Relationship You Can Rely On

And when we deliver your product, our relationship is only starting. All our customers know that they can call on us 2, 3, 10 years and more after we’ve delivered their product, for backup service, advice and reviews.

What’s more, with our comprehensive support system and warranty periods, you can rest assured that you really have invested in top quality products, ethically prescribed.

With O Neill Healthcare, you know you’re in safe hands.

The quality of the products and services we provide is rooted in one simple fact, we care about our clients.

With O Neill Healthcare, you know you are in safe hands because for us, it’s more than business; it’s personal.

Our Rehabilitation Department provides an extensive range of solutions catering for:

  • People with special needs
  • Those with reduced mobility
  • Unique posture requirements
  • And those who require night-time positioning

Our ENT Department specialises in supplying a complete range products and solutions for:

  • Laryngectomy patients
  • Tracheostomy patients
  • Those who require assistance to communicate
  • And clients with issues swallowing

We also provide a wide range of specialist solutions for nursing homes, hospitals, people suffering from dementia as well as a range of other specific illnesses.

Our Vision

Our goal is to enhance the quality of life of people with special medical requirements. Our aim is for O Neill Healthcare to be the leading company in our industry, by supplying the products and solutions most suitable to each person.

We will set ourselves apart, by providing the highest quality service in our industry. We will ensure ethical prescribing in every case, and we will care about each and every customer.

All our staff will endeavour to go that extra mile, to ensure customer satisfaction.

Our product specialists will have a knowledge, of its products and its clients, that is second-to-none in our industry. All our employees will achieve a high level of job satisfaction, income and a sense of belonging.

O Neill Healthcare will be a company that is easy to do business with.

Our Core Values

Our Core Values are what drive O Neill Healthcare as a company, in both our long-term planning and our day-to-day operations, since 1999.

  • Enhancing quality of life for people with special medical requirements
  • Ethical prescribing through expertise and care
  • Building relationships since 1999

With O Neill Healthcare, you will know you’re in safe hands, suppliers and customers alike.

Corporate Objectives

  1. Develop a template for all products that ensures:
    • adequate training for all O Neill Healthcare staff
    • a smooth flow of information from supplier via ONH to prospective customers.
  2. Set a standard for product presentation for all product specialists, to ensure a high level of competency among all the staff.
  3. Nurture a sense of total responsibility for products, customer care and sales figures, among all our Product Specialists.
  4. Promote a total sense of team spirit and effort amongst all employees.
  5. Maximise the potential for all of our product ranges and thus show our commitment to our suppliers.
  6. Ensure sharing of information between all team members, i.e. successes and problems. This will ensure that all staff obtains the knowledge of how successes are achieved and also learn from mistakes.
  7. Ensure an adequate supply of the most recent quality products to stay ahead of competitors, and provide our customers with the best, most suitable options available.
  8. Continually talk to our customers to find out what the market trends are and what products or adjustments to products are required to meet their needs.
  9. Analyse our competitors and their products, thus ensuring knowledge of the total market and all of its players.
  10. Ensure that standards are maintained in the ethical prescribing of products, i.e. that the product matches the requirements of the client.

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Meet the Team

Our dedicated team have a combined experience of over 85 years in the healthcare sector. As corny as it sounds, they genuinely care and will always go that extra mile for you or for your patient.

Our Directors

John O'Neill

John O'Neill

Managing Director

Having started the business in 1999, John continues to pursue the original strategy for O Neill Healthcare, which is to have the best trained sales team in our chosen fields, in Ireland, while supplying quality products and solutions for our clients.
Norma O'Neill

Norma O'Neill

Company Director

Norma’s role covers all aspects of the business. Her primary focus is running our ENT Department. Norma works closely with our suppliers and manufacturers ensuring that our ENT product range reflects the best and most up to date options for our clients.

Our Product Specialists

Pauric O'Neill

Pauric O'Neill

Product Specialist

Pauric joined the company in 2002. He has developed extensive product, client and solution experience and is an integral part of our management team. Working closely with our suppliers, Pauric pushes the boundaries of our product range, maximising what each product can achieve for the end user.
Mark Holmes

Mark Holmes

Product Specialist

Having worked for many years in the National Rehabilitation Hospital, Mark works closely with healthcare professionals, bringing his extensive product knowledge and experience to help devise the best solutions for their clients.
Aidan Hunt BSc, MSc

Aidan Hunt BSc, MSc

Product Specialist

Aidan’s area of expertise deals specifically with Laryngectomy, Tracheostomy, Dysphagia and Communication. His in-depth product knowledge ensures that while working with the healthcare professionals in these fields, clients benefit from the best possible solutions.
Eoin Dockery B.Sc Physiotherapy

Eoin Dockery B.Sc Physiotherapy

Education Officer and Product Specialist

Eoin provides presentations, demonstrations and workshops to healthcare professionals throughout Ireland. Having worked as a Physiotherapist in Ireland (National Rehabilitation Hospital), New Zealand and most recently the UK, Eoin brings a vast level of expertise to his role.

Our Office Team

Paula White

Paula White

Rehab Department Customer Service & Purchasing Manager

Paula works closely with all our suppliers and sales team to ensure quick and efficient deliveries of our customers’ orders. Paula also supervises our ISO accreditation.
Carmel Duffy

Carmel Duffy

ENT Department Customer Service and Sales Processing Manager

Carmel is our key liaison person dealing with our customers, clients and families to ensure that orders are processed in such a way as they arrive quickly and easily.

Our Warehousing Department

Craig O'Neill

Craig O'Neill

Warehouse Supervisor

Craig manages the distribution of our incoming and outgoing product orders. Having worked in every aspect of the company, Craig liaises with each of our teams to assemble and dispatch outgoing deliveries with a high degree of speed, accuracy and attention to detail.


With a product range as wide as ours, we regularly have some spectacular special offers

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