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Raizer 2 Lifting Chair

A state-of-the-art lifting chair that safely helps a fallen person up with dignity.

The Raizer 2 from Liftup is a state-of-the-art, mobile lifting chair that helps a fallen person up to an almost standing position in just a few minutes.

Battery-operated, the Raizer 2 can be assembled with ease and operated by only one assistant. It requires no physical effort, other than a supportive hand.

The design makes it easy to assemble, operate and clean.


Features and Benefits

  • Facilitates easy transfer from the floor to a sitting or standing position
  • Lifts up to 150 kg
  • Minimal physical effort for the helper
  • Easily assembled in just a few minutes
  • Comfortable and safe for both the user and the assistant
  • Easy-to-clean and disinfect
  • Long-life battery for approx. 80 lifts per charge
  • Easy to transport in 2 light ergonomic bags
  • Intuitive sound and light indicator for smooth assembly
  • Assembly prior to operation: max 3 minutes
  • Made from carefully selected materials to provide stability and durability
  • Seat: Width – 68.6cm, Depth – 25.7cm, Height – 19cm



Helped Up In A Dignified And Safe Way

If a person has fallen and cannot get up again, the Raizer 2 will comfortably lift them up to a sitting or almost standing position, supports their entire body throughout the process. This way of lifting shows consideration for the importance of being helped up in a dignified and safe way.

The Raizer 2 lifting chair can be used in home care, in institutions, for rescue services and other services requiring a lifting aid and transfer of persons with limited mobility.

Ergonomic Benefits

The Raizer 2 lifting chair can be easily assembled under a fallen person. The lifting process is controlled by a button on the remote control or on the control panel on Raizer 2. The assistant does not have to carry out a lift and is not exposed to strain on the back or shoulders.

Comfortable lift

The Raizer 2 is made of materials that have been carefully selected for stability and durability, considering the needs of both the helper and the fallen person. The Raizer 2 is fitted with safety belts to ensure that the fallen person feels secure and comfortable and they can be secured in several positions for increased comfort.

Easy-to-clean design

All surfaces of the Raizer 2 lifting chair have been developed to be easy to clean with a range of cleaning materials and the surfaces of Raizer 2 can also be disinfected.

Mobile solution

The Razier 2 is battery-powered so it does not need to be connected to a power outlet. It can be easily operated with a remote control.

Easy to transport

When disassembled, Raizer 2 can be carried in two ergonomic bags with carrying straps for the hand or over the shoulders.  Alternatively, the Raizer 2 can be transported on a trolley where both bags can be placed side by side.

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