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Thevo Vital – Dementia Care

Finally sleeping through the night Ð despite dementia.

Finally sleeping through the night – despite dementia

Features and Benefits
Breaking the vicious circle:
  • 67% of patients with dementia suffer from sleep disturbances affecting both patient and caregivers.
  • Sleep aid medications often become ineffective and are not a long-term solution.
Improved sleep with the dementia mattress:
  • A sense of security with improved body perception.
  • Less night time wandering
  • Less napping during the day
  • Less daytime irritability
  • Less disorientation
  • Decreased need for sleep aid medications
  • Peace of mind for caregivers
Thevo Mobility Beds are available from:

Width: 80cm to 120cm (31.5" to 47.2")
Length: 180cm to 220cm (70.9" to 86.6")

The Thevo Mobility Beds
  • automatically convey the slightest movement of the person – even breathing – into micro-sized counter movements.
This MiS Micro-Stimulation®:
  • Improves body perception
  • Promotes blood flow, and supports mobility – keys to restorative sleep.
  • Especially important for patients with advance aged, and those with special needs.


 Thevo Vital Mattress

Firm density foam provides a secure feeling when lying

 Thevo Vital Wing Suspension
Wing suspensions

Adapt individually to the body zones, MiS Micro-Stimulation® improves body perception

 Thevo Vital Dementia Suspension
Dementia suspension firm sensation of lying

Good orientation is optimally tailored to the sleep and lying needs of persons with dementia