Shower stools are often an overlooked ally in ensuring the safety of older adults.

Bathroom safety is of utmost importance for seniors, as slips, falls and tumbles in this particular area can have severe consequences. Wet and slippery surfaces in the bathroom pose significant risks, especially for those with balance or mobility issues. A study on the global prevalence of falls among older adults found that most fall-related incidents are a direct result of hazards within the home and as such, recommended the addition of assistive equipment – such as bathroom chairs – to significantly reduce the risk of falls.

Shower stools do just this, offering a practical solution by providing stability and support during bathing. In this article, we explore the many benefits of shower stools, discussing how they can help mitigate accidents and create a safer, more comfortable showering experience.


Understanding safety challenges for older adults in the bathroom


Elderly adults face unique challenges in the bathroom due to issues such as reduced mobility, compromised balance and muscle weakness. These factors significantly impact shower safety, as they increase the likelihood of slips, falls and difficulties carrying out personal hygiene tasks.

Limited mobility can make it challenging to navigate a wet and confined space. Add to this problems with balance issues and weakness of the muscles and instability is a likely result. Family members and caregivers often experience deep anxiety surrounding bathroom safety, fearing for their older loved ones as they manoeuvre around this hazardous space, trying to retain their independence in the process.

Recognising and addressing these challenges through the use of safety aids like shower stools can alleviate concerns for all involved and promote a safer bathing experience for both older adults and those who care for them.


Shower stools: your go-to safety solution


Shower stools are vital bathroom aids that contribute to the safety and comfort of older adults as they carry out essential tasks. These stools are designed to be placed inside the shower or bathtub, providing a stable seating option while washing. The features and benefits of shower stools include:


  • They typically feature adjustable height settings to accommodate individual needs and ensure proper alignment
  • They have a non-slip surface to enhance stability during bathing
  • They are often portable, meaning they can be brought along when travelling or holidaying
  • They open up the possibility of shower use in various therapies to aid pain relief and improve movement
  • They promote and facilitate continued independence.


Considering the substantial benefits, shower stools can be an invaluable addition to the bathroom, promoting independence, confidence and overall safety during bathing.


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Enhancing safety with shower stools


Shower stools play a vital role in preventing slipping and falling during bathing, but choosing the right model is crucial. Enhance shower safety by following these tips:


  • Opt for a stool with a weight limit that exceeds the user’s weight, and ensure it has sturdy legs and a non-slip base
  • Adjustability in height and seat size can further enhance comfort and accommodate individual preferences
  • During installation, make sure the stool is securely placed in the shower or bathtub, and test its stability before use
  • Furthermore, strategic placement near grab bars or shower walls can provide additional support


Addressing concerns and frequently asked questions


It is natural for the family members of older adults to have concerns and doubts about shower stools. Common questions revolve around their safety, maintenance and best practices for keeping them clean.

In terms of safety, it’s important to choose a stool with sturdy construction and non-slip features to ensure stability and ease of use.

When it comes to maintenance, regular inspections should be carried out to look for signs of wear and tear, while thorough and regular cleaning will help to maintain the stool’s condition.

Cleaning can be done with mild soap and water or disinfectant wipes, but following the manufacturer’s instructions is a must at all times.

A caregiver with specific doubts or concerns is advised to consult a healthcare professional for reassurance from the experts.


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O Neill Healthcare is your provider of high-quality, reliable shower stools


Using shower stools enhances bathroom safety and comfort by providing stability, reducing the risk of falls, and promoting independence for older adults. Family members and caregivers should prioritise bathroom safety to ensure the well-being and confidence of their loved ones during this important everyday task.

With a wide range of reliable fall management products and assistive aids, including the Etac Swift and Etac Edge shower stools, your loved ones are in safe hands with O Neill Healthcare. We recognise the significance of supporting the safety and independence of older adults and offer a variety of reliable solutions to encompass everything necessary to meet their needs.

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