Looking for a quick, reliable way to choose the best pressure care cushion for your clients?

The new Helping Hand Indicator Cushion is designed to do just that, helping you to pick the cushion that best suits each individual’s pressure care needs, automatically.

Pressure ulcers can pose significant physical and psychological risks, impacting negatively on daily activities and causing severe pain. For many healthcare professionals, selecting the right cushion can be a time-consuming process, but the Helping Hand Indicator Cushion makes the selection process look easy.

Read on for a detailed overview of how the tool works and what makes it so unique.

Pressure Cushion Assessment Indicator Cushion - O Neill Healthcare

Easy Assessments: How Does It Work?

The Helping Hand Indicator Cushion is a brand new assessment tool designed to identify the right cushion for any client. It analyses the client’s peak pressures to indicate which Helping Hand cushion is best-suited for their needs.

With the Indicator Cushion, you simply sit your client onto it, and then check the results against the IQ sensing chart to determine the best possible cushion for their needs.


The Benefits of the Helping Hand Indicator Cushion

This Indicator Cushion is designed to be used as an assessment tool for healthcare professionals, but it is so easy to use that anyone can do it. Here are just some of its benefits:

  • Easy to keep a social distance
  • No need for hands-on experience
  • Provides a fast and efficient ways to analyse client’s pressure care needs
  • No need for additional costs of product specialists
  • Practical and convenient for regular use
  • Suitable for multiple assessments


Helping Hand Pressure Care Cushions

Pressure care cushions are designed to do a lot more than just provide a more comfortable place to sit. The right pressure care cushion can boost the user’s sitting tolerance, help them to distribute their weight evenly and avoid pressure sores, enabling them to sit for a lot longer during the day, without increasing their risk.

The popular Helping Hand range gives you a good selection of cushions that deliver superior comfort and pressure relief. And with the Indicator Cushion, you can be confident that your clients will get the structure and stability that best compliments their body’s requirements.

It’s all about providing clients with the ideal cushion for them, that they can use for years on-end.

The importance of choosing the right pressure relieving cushion cannot be overstated, and the Helping Hand Indicator Cushion makes the whole process a lot easier and a lot faster.


How To Use It The Helping Hand Indicator Cushion

The good thing about the Indicator Cushion is that there’s no learning curve needed to use it as an assessment tool. You’ll get the hang of it in no-time.

Here’s a detailed step-by-step guide on how to use the Helping Hand Cushions. Just follow the steps below, and you’ll get an accurate reading every time.


Step 1:

Place the indicator cushion on the selected chair. Make sure the product has been placed correctly with the proper orientation.

Step 2:

Seat the client on the indicator cushion. Once the client has taken a comfortable position, simply press the handset button and wait for a reading.

Readings: The green, yellow or red light reading corresponds with the performance levels of the helping hand range. A blue light indicates that more assessment is necessary.

Step 3:

Analyse the reading. Translate the colour of the reading to the Helping Hand range using the table on the indicator cushion, taking note of the cushion functions and shape options (i.e. contour cushions provide greater stability and pressure distribution)

The option that the handset selects will provide the client with the ultimate stability and pressure distribution for their needs.

Step 4:

Clean the indicator cushion. Take a soft cloth and dip it in water mixed with a mild detergent. Then, squeeze the water and wipe the surface of the indicator cushion. **DO NOT USE BLEACH OR ALCOHOL-BASED CLEANING PRODUCTS


Blue Light – Further Assessment Reading
If you get a blue light reading, get in touch with the team here at O Neill Healthcare, we have a wide range of pressure relieving products and a highly trained team of product specialists who are ready to help find the right solution for your client.


Order Online

You can order the indicator cushion online by enquiring at https://onhealthcare.ie/product/helping-hand-indicator-cushion/ or email us at sales@onhealthcare.ie to enquire now.


Additional Info:

Battery Care: If the red light flashes right after you pressed the handset button, it means that you need to replace the battery. The product should be fully charged to function properly. Read the instructions printed on the back of the panel for more details.

Disposal: To dispose of the product, start by detaching the key fob. Then, remove the control box placed inside the cushion. It can be recycled at your local WEEE facility. The main cushion should go to a landfill.

Note: If the fob is damaged, feel free to contact O Neill Healthcare and ask for assistance on https://onhealthcare.ie.