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Etac Aktiv Reacher Pick Up Tool

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A handy pick up tool to help with daily activities

The Etac Aktiv Reacher is superb for helping to make daily activities easier. The handles are slightly angled and only require a small hand grip to manoeuvre.

The handle has a support for the index finger which improves precision and the entire gripping surface of the jaws is coated with hardwearing rubber, ensuring plenty of friction which also reduces the amount of strength required.

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Etac Aktiv Reacher - O Neill Healthcare

The jaws can be set to two positions.

Etac Aktiv Reacher - O Neill Healthcare

All models have a magnet in the handle to pick up metallic objects.


Weight 111 g – 128 g
Lifting capacity, max 2 kg
Handle and jaws: Polycarbonate/ABS
Jaw bracket: Polyamide
Tube: Aluminium
Design Ergonomidesign