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Fall Safe Hip Protectors

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The Fall Safe Hip Protectors help reduce the risk of hip fractures, making them ideal for the elderly or for post operative care.

  • They are easily removed or inserted in a few seconds.
  • Users only need to own 1 pair of protectors, with 3 pairs of underpants which makes them more economical.
  • Additional pants and protectors can be ordered separately.
  • The pants are unisex, for males and females.
  • Incontinence versions can also be supplied.

Please note: The colour of the pads may vary from the picture shown. Includes 3 pairs of pants, additional pairs of pants can be ordered separately.

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Solving the Hip Fracture Crisis

Falls are common in long-term care facilities, with devastating and costly consequences. Yet despite widespread use of fall prevention programs, falls continue to occur at an alarming rate and incidence of hip fractures remains high – placing both residents and facilities at risk.

  • HIP’s Fall-Safe protectors are easily removed or inserted in a few seconds
  • Only necessary for the user to own 1 pair of protectors with 3 pairs of underpants.
  • This makes the package much more economic than if a pair of pads is sewn into each pair of underpants.
  • Pants or protectors can be ordered separately. The pants are provided in Female, Male and optionally, Unisex, versions. Incontinence versions can also be supplied.
  • Supplied with 3 pairs of pants.
  • Pants or protectors can also be ordered separately.
  • The pants are unisex, for males and females.
  • Incontinence versions can also be supplied.

S: Hips 33-36″ – Waist 28-31″
M: Hips 36-40″ – Waist 31-35″
L: Hips 40-44″ – Waist 35-39″
XL: Hips 44-48″ – Waist 39-42″
XXL: Hips 48-52″ – Waist 43-47″

  • The unique pads are soft and pliable.
  • Unlike most pads, they are comfortable enough to wear even in bed without disturbing sleep.
  • This is particularly important given that many falls occur at night when getting out of bed, often when lighting is poor and when, in care facilities, staff levels tend to be lowest.
  • Guided by professional understanding of the clinical requirements, these soft, custom-designed pads are carefully engineered to conform perfectly to the underlying anatomy, unlike the flat (and larger) discs of many other hip protector pads.
  • The concave shape is designed to produce minimal pressure contact over the widest portion of the hips (greater femoral trochanter).
  • Less than 18mm (3/4 inch) thin, Fall-Safe Hip Protectors are sculpted with beveled edges and contoured to be almost unnoticeable under clothing.
  • Fall-Safe Hip Protector pads uniquely feature both grooves and “breathing” holes to allow heat and moisture to escape.
The Impact of Hip Fractures
  • 300,000 people suffer a life changing hip fracture every year in the US
  • 20% of hip fracture patients die within one year
  • Hip fractures represent 40-60% of fall-related injuries in nursing homes
  • The average number of falls per bed per year is 1.5, and ranges up to 3.6
  • Average cost for inpatient hip fracture care is $29,000 – overall cost can rise to $400,000