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Etac Transfer Mattress

The Immedia Transfer Mattress facilitates horizontal transfer between two lying positions, such as between beds, bed to shower trolley, bed to x-ray table, and more.

It can also be used for turning in bed, for instance from ‘face up’ to ‘face down’.

Features and Benefits

  • Transfer Mattress is made of a soft padded cotton/polyester material and available in two widths, 60 cm and 70 cm.
  • Transfer Mattress can be combined with a waterproof nylon cover or disposable cover.
  • Transfer Mattress should not be used if there is a gap between the two transfer surfaces.


Transfer Mattress

IM60/195: Transfer Mattress, narrow – 60 x 195 cm
IM70/195: Transfer Mattress, wide – 70 x 195 cm


IM60220N: Nylon cover for IM60/195 – 60 x 220 cm
IM7000N: Nylon cover for IM70/195 – 70 x 200 cm
IM4030: Disposable cover, roll with 75 st – 60 x 200 cm


IM4304: Transfer Mattress narrow set – includes IM60/195 IM60220N
IM4305: Transfer Mattress wide set – includes IM70/195 IM7000N

Outside: 65% polyester/35% cotton
Padding: Polyester
Inside: Nylon
Disposable cover: Polyethylene