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Etac Beauty Multipurpose Grip

12.00 ex. VAT

The Etac Beauty Comb is a curved comb designed to provide the best comfort and control when combing your hair.

The handles are oval-shaped and have a non-slip surface which ensures a secure grip. The Etac Beauty Comb comes in two lengths, the shorter version is recommended for users who can reach up to their ear and the longer version is recommended for users who only can reach as far as their shoulder.

The Etac Beauty Multipurpose Grip rests comfortably in the hand and offers a variety of uses.

Put a nail file in the Multipurpose Grip and a pedicure becomes much more easily achieved. The wider end of the grip may be used for mascara, a tooth brush, or a razor for example.

Etac Beauty Nail File Multipurpose Grip - O Neill Healthcare


Length 11 cm
Weight 45 g
Polypropylene and TPE
Nail file: Emery board
The Beauty product designs are registered.