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The ALTITUDE has been designed exclusively for the comfort of people with limited mobility. Its design os perfectly suited to people with restricted movements suffering from the likes of paralysis, weak or malformed limbs, injuries of the joints, diseases like heart problems, poor circulation, disturbance of balance, cachexia as well as a wide range of old-age illnesses.

Features and Benefit
The wheelchair must be adapted to you, not vice versa

Our basic principle is: the wheelchair must be adapted to you, not vice versa. This is why our wheelchairs have a modular design.

All types of wheelchairs can be adapted, have numerous accessories and all options are mutually inter-changeable. This is the result of our continuous research and more than 45 years of experience.

Ordering/Bariatric options

To order please contact O’Neill Healthcare on +353-1-832 6509 e:

Seat Width: available from 38 – 48cm
Seat Height: available from 45 – 56cm
Total Height: available from 119-124cm
Back Height: available from 75 – 79cm
The range of sizes and adjustablilty means that this chair can cater for a vast array of client’s from small to bariatric.


Altitude Instruction

Manual Altitude Overview

Sizes(s): Seat height: 45cm-56cm (standard setting: 52 cm)
Seat depth: 46cm
Seat width choices – 38/40/42/44/48cm
Dimensions: 112cm(l) x 67cm(w) x 119-124cm(h)
Weight: Approx. 25 kg
Capacity: 120 kg
Colour(s): Green, orange, blue

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