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HD Balance Tilt-In-Space Wheelchair

A market-leading tilt-in-space comfort wheelchair.

The HD Balance is one of the most popular tilt-in-space wheelchairs available, due mainly to its quality, usability, reliability and its durability. It’s designed for the both the user and the carer, and available as a self-propelling or transit wheelchair.

Superior Comfort, Support & Stability

It is designed to give users superior comfort, support and stability to what an active or all-round wheelchair can provide. It is intended for all day use as a multi-positional comfort wheelchair, designed to be sat in for several hours at a time.

The HD Balance wheelchair facilitates multi-hour seating for people who would normally have to go back to bed when they are tired. With its tilt-in-space (-5° to +30°) and recline (90° to 120°), users can now have a nap in the chair rather than having to return to bed.

Durable & Lightweight

The HD Balance is a durable, yet lightweight, tilt-in-space wheelchair. It is available in 4 seat widths: 38cm, 42cm, 46cm, and 50 cm, with both long and short seat versions, and 16″ or 24″ rear wheels.

Easily Customisable

It can be easily customised to suit individual users’ needs, giving them a comfortable sitting position that provides maximum pressure relief. This also makes it an ideal choice for recycling purposes in a hospital or community setting, as well as in the home.

The HD Balance comes with a 5-year frame warranty and a vast range of accessories available.

The HD Balance is a durable yet lightweight tilt-in-space wheelchair.

It is designed to be highly configurable to suit a wide range of user requirements, as well as multiple users. All configurable features have clear measurement gauges and can be easily changed by nursing and care personnel. This includes the back angle, seat tilt, seat depth, armrest height, leg elevation, and more.

This makes the HD Balance ideal for recycling purposes in a hospital or community setting.

Crash-tested and passed, with carer brakes as standard, the HD Balance has a vast range of accessories available making it suitable for most wheelchair users' needs. As standard, it is available with self-propelling quick-release rear wheels (24″) or with 16″ transit wheels. The frame has a warranty of 5 years.


Important Features and Benefits

  • Center of Gravity - HD BalanceEasy Handling
    The short distance between the front castor & rear wheel ensures easy handling for both user and carer, and make this high-dependency chair roll like an active wheelchair.
  • Easy Tilting
    The seat-tilting pivot is located near the user's centre of gravity. This provides better control of tilting, especially when tilting heavy users, as it requires less force to tilt. The tilting pivot position also offers the opportunity for expanded tilting in special cases. The seat can be tilted between 0°–20° in about 10 steps as standard, with optional variants of up to 30° of tilt. It's also possible to allow for a negative tilt (forward), up to -5° to facilitate users who are still able to perform a standing transfer.
  • Easy Back Recline
    The back angle can be easily controlled by the grey bar on the left side of the push bar. The back rest can be angled from 90°-120° and a gas spring motion controller provides assistance when lifting up, and controls the speed of the recline for the user's comfort.
  • Easily Readable Tags - HD BalanceEase of Configuration
    The HD balance is the only chair of its class that allows a visual check to ensure that seat tilt, back recline, armrest height, and legrest angle are set to the positions prescribed for the occupant. The chair’s configuration is easily verifiable as per a recording card attached to the chair.
  • Smart Control Placement
    The tilt and recline controls are positioned on the push handle so that the carer can maintain control of the chair while adjusting the tilt and recline angles.
  • Flexi Back With Velcro Straps
    The HD Balance comes with a Flexi back with adjustable velcro-straps or a solid back as standard. A wide range of back options are also available.
  • Leg rest adjustments - HD BalanceLeg Support With Angle Adjustment
    The leg supports can be angled between 90° and 180°, without the need for smaller castors. The 'swing-away' leg rests can also be easily removed and there are options for leg rests with fixed angles.
  • Robust and Flexible Armrest
    The armrest is mounted in a single anchor point, which makes it easy to take off and put on, and there are a generous number of depth and height setting options. The armrest also features a mounting rail where various accessory brackets can be mounted, such as table mounts.
  • Seat Depth
    The seat depth can be easily adjusted by a lever under the seat’s left side, from 43cm to 52cm as standard, and from 48cm to 57cm with the extended seat option. It can be set to seven different settings. The seat plate can also be removed to facilitate cleaning and servicing.
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HD Balance Wheelchair Brochure

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HD Balance Prescription Form

Why Chooose The HD Balance Wheelchair?

Why Chooose The HD Balance Wheelchair?

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HD Balance Wheelchair Accessories

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HD Balance Configurations

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Important Features

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HD Balance Wheelchair Measurements

50cm 46cm 42cm 38cm
HD Balance 16
Max. user weight: 135 kg 135 kg 135 kg 135 kg
Seat width: 50 cm 46 cm 42 cm 38 cm
Total width: 73 cm 69 cm 65 cm 61 cm
Weight: 30,7 kg 30,4 kg 30,4 kg 29,8 kg
HD Balance 24
Max. user weight: 135 kg 135 kg 135 kg 135 kg
Seat width: 50 cm 46 cm 42 cm 38 cm
Total width: 76 cm 72 cm 68 cm 64 cm
Weight: 30,8 kg 30,5 kg 30,2 kg 29,9 kg