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HD Motion Children’s Wheelchair

A brand new children’s tilt-in-space comfort wheelchair.

The HD Motion is a brand new comfort wheelchair for children with tilt and recline that has been developed by HD Rehab over the past 12 years.

With two chassis widths and two chassis lengths, the HD Motion is highly adjustable and can be easily adapted to different body types and sizes.

The HD Motion is built for an active lifestyle and the daily challenge of performing both indoors and outdoors and it is also suitable to be used with the Spex Seating System.

To book an assessment or to enquire about the HD Motion, contact us at or click the button below.

HD Motion Brochure Cover

HD Motion Brochure

HD Motion Children's Wheelchair Cover - User Manual - O Neill Healthcare

HD Motion User Manual

HD Motion Children's Wheelchair - Condensed User Manual Cover - O Neill Healthcare

HD Motion Condensed User Manual

HD Motion 22 sw30
HD Motion 22 sw34
Seat width: 28 – 32cm
Seat width: 32 – 36cm
Seat depth K (w/o cushions): 33,5 – 40cm
Seat depth K (w/o cushions): 33,5 – 40cm
Seat depth L (w/o cushions): 40,5 – 49cm
Seat depth L (w/o cushions: 42,5 – 49cm
Seat height: 42cm
Seat height: 42cm
Back recline: 90 – 120°
Back recline: 90 – 120°
Seat tilt: 0 – 30° Seat tilt: 0 – 30°
Leg rest angle: 80 – 140°
Leg rest angle: 80 – 140°
Max user weight: 75kg
Max user weight: 75kg


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