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Senso-Rex® Gravity Blanket® for Adults

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A high-quality weighted blanket that can help with sleep disorders.

The Gravity® Blanket for Adults is a warm, relaxing weighted blanket designed to calm and satisfy all your senses. Delightfully pleasant to the touch, it brings relief to your muscles and by gently skimming your skin, makes your sleep a real-time pleasure.

The experience is even more profound due to the therapeutic deep pressure that the weighted blanket places on the body.

Reduce stress and relieve pain

The deep touch of the weighted blanket is a source of peace and relaxation. The gentle but firm pressure that it places on the body helps to reduce stress, anxiety and obsessive thoughts as well as to relieve pain. All that is left is the soothing touch and warmth of the Gravity® Blanket.

High quality, hypoallergenic materials

The Gravity® Blanket weighted blanket is compliant with the requirements of therapists. The blanket is made of shining cotton with a filling of equally-sized glass and silicone micro-beads, ensuring premium comfort during sleep.

The cover is made from plush material that is pleasant to the touch and decorated with quilts on one side with the other side remaining perfectly smooth.

**The weight should be about 10% of body weight.

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No more sleepless nights

Everyone deserves a good night sleep and the Gravity Blanket® weighted blanket helps hundreds of people to establish a healthy day-night-rhythm.

Easy relaxation of the body and nervous system

A weighted blanket uses pressure to activate the body’s natural relaxation response. The user is able to feel their own body which helps to calm them down. Ana a calm body translates into a calm mind.

Modern medical product for everyday use

The positive influence of a weighted blanket on sleep and health has been scientifically proven and makes a weighted blanket a medical product. Many physiotherapists use weighted blankets in their daily practice.


The Gravity® Blanket for Adults is available in from size 135 x 200cm to 150 x 220cm and a weight range from 4 to 12 kg.



Senso-Rex Manual - O Neill Healthcare

Senso-Rex Manual



1 review for Senso-Rex® Gravity Blanket® for Adults

  1. klaudia.swoboda2001

    Since i got this blanket my sleep has improved so much, I have not woken up once during the night and usually i was up at least 3 times, its also so soft and comfy an feels like your hugged and supported during your sleep, I really recommend this blanket to anyone that has trouble sleeping.

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