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Spex Comfort Head Support

General use head support pad suited for transit and travel.

The Comfort Head Support provides a comfortable contoured posterior support for the head. This is an ideal solution for clients with fair head movement but require shallow contouring for extra stability and function.

Spex Head Support pads are constructed from an internal aluminium shell covered by an injection moulded polyurethane foam to ensure smooth and comfortable support surface. The family of head support shapes have been geometrically and biomechanically designed to give greater support and stability for head positioning for wheelchair users. Along with the versatile Spex Stylo hardware, it’s possible to accommodate an extensive range of head positioning requirements.

Available in two sizes the Comfort 250 and Comfort 350.

Previously known as the Compact Head Support.

Functional Benefits

In Built Occipital Shaping - O Neill Healthcare

In Built Occipital Shaping to Promote Head Realignment

Minimal to Protracted support - O Neill Healthcare

Minimal to Protracted Support

Flared Ends for Comfortable Fit - O Neill Healthcare

Flared Ends for Comfortable Fit

Shear Reduction Cover Design - O Neill Healthcare

Shear Reduction Cover Design

General Use Head Support - O Neill Healthcare

General Use Head Support Pad


Soft Pressure Relieving Foam Overlay - O Neill Healthcare

1/2 Soft Pressure Relieving Foam Overlay

SpexTex Wipe Down Waterproof Cover - O Neill Healthcare

SpexTex Wipe Down Waterproof Finish Cover

SpexTex Knitted Side Fabric Finish Cover - O Neill Healthcare

SpexTex Knitted Side Fabric Finish Cover

Neoprene Cover - O Neill Healthcare

Neoprene Cover


The following weights do not include the Ball Mount or Stylo Mechanisms.

Style Total Weight
Comfort 250 340g
Comfort 350 580g



Style Code Width (A) Depth (B) Height (C) Bottom Thickness (D)
Top Thickness (E)
Comfort 250 1275-0031-000 260mm 90mm 125mm 45mm 30mm
Comfort 350 1275-0032-000 340mm 120mm 165mm 60mm 50mm

Dimension Image 1 - O Neill Healthcare Dimension Image 2 - O Neill Healthcare