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Swash Shampoo Cap

Will assist with shampooing hair

Will assist with shampooing hair

Feature and Benefits
Product benefits of Swash
  • Effortless, thorough washing of bedridden care recipients
  • Less stress on the care recipient
  • Less stress on the care provider
  • Gentle on the skin, pH-neutral and alcohol-free
  • Positive influence on skin irritations and spots
  • Aid in de ADL-training (washing oneself) of care recipients
  • Less stressed behaviour in psycho-geriatric care recipients during washing
  • Time required for daily washing reduced by a minimum of 50%
  • Work pressure reduced, which can have a positive effect on absenteeism
  • Fewer risk moments in terms of possible cross-contamination
  • Reduces the exposure of care providers to cytostatica
  • Makes using water, soap, wash-hand basins, towels etc. unnecessary
  • Saves money

1 pack contains 1 cap