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Vigour Lateral Trunk Supports

Spex modular lateral supports offer optimum trunk support whilst improving balance, posture and comfort. The Vigour Lateral provides optimum trunk support. These have been the favourite for many clinicians and are very popular laterals for many users. The larger sizes offer long-trunk support meaning you get more surface contact and control with the clientÕs torso resulting in effective pressure reduction.


Features and Benefits
  • Great option for clients who lean over to one side.
  • Swing-away laterals have robust angle adjustment that can be ‘tuned’ to suit the trunk of the client
  • Brackets are built tough, with special rubber pads to stop slippage
  • Swing mechanism cannot be unintentionally released for added security
  • Comfortable high-density foam padding with washable covers
  • Mix and match pads to suit the user - e.g. install a different style lateral each side
Size Height (mm) Length (mm) Fixed Brackets Swing-Away Brackets Pad Only Spare Cover
Small 160 160 1260-3132-000 1260-3152-000 1261-3032-300 1262-3062-600
Smedium 180 170 1260-3136-000 1260-3156-000 1261-3036-300 1262-3066-600
Medium 200 170 1260-3133-000 1260-3153-000 1261-3033-300 1262-3063-600
Large 250 180 1260-3134-000 1260-3154-000 1261-3034-300 1262-3064-600
Custom 1260-3139-000 1260-3159-000 1261-3039-300 1262-3069-600
  • ½ Inch SunMate® overlay on internal and top surfaces
  • ½ Inch gel-foam overlay on internal and top surfaces
  • Lateral mechanism protective neoprene sleeve
  • Lateral pad custom fabric selection
  • Lateral custom breast cut-out on top / front edge of lateral pad