Falls are unfortunately a part of everyday life, particularly among the ageing population. But with the World Health Organisation estimating that a staggering 37.3 million falls require medical attention each year, preventing falls in older adults must be prioritised.

In Ireland alone, “Falls are the most commonly reported incident within the HSE and HSE-funded services with 34,114 falls being reported in 2021 including 18,023 in acute hospitals and 15,958 in community services.”, according to the HSE.

So with older age groups more at risk of a fall – and more susceptible to serious injury – than any other cohort, it’s vital to ensure the correct measures are put in place to keep the most vulnerable out of harm’s way. In this article, we share our top tips to help you do just that.


Tips for preventing falls in older adults



Get regular exercise


They say that “if you don’t use it, you lose it” and this rings very true when it comes to maintaining physical strength and muscle mass. It is a particularly important sentiment in the context of older adults, who may lose agility if they succumb to a sedentary lifestyle.

Ensuring that exercise becomes a regular part of your daily routine will increase flexibility and decrease your chances of experiencing a dangerous fall. Walking is a wonderful option to boost both mental and physical health, while activities such as tai chi and Pilates will improve balance as well as overall strength.


Get regular eye and hearing tests


It stands to reason that compromised sight and hearing can lead to a higher risk of falls, both in and out of the home. With the deterioration of hearing and eyesight a common issue in individuals over the age of 65, getting regular eye and hearing tests should be a top priority to combat falls and injuries.


Review your medication


Certain medicines, such as those prescribed for blood pressure, should be frequently reviewed by your GP to assess whether or not the dosage needs to be changed. Taking unnecessarily high or low doses, or using a conflicting combination of medications, can cause dizziness and other side effects that may result in a fall.


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Assess the home for hazards


Re-evaluating home safety is a crucial step in preventing falls among the older population. There are multiple ways to create a less hazardous environment by fitting items such as bed bumpers, handrails, grab bars and fall mats in bathrooms and throughout the house.
Installing adequate lighting in all areas of the house is also vital, as is keeping walkways clear of any trip hazards and ensuring carpets and tiles are fully secured to the floors.


Take extra care when out and about


Extra care is needed when braving the outdoors, especially during periods of ice or heavy rain. Avoid baggy clothing and make sure footwear fits correctly and is securely fastened, with adequate grip on the soles. Take similar precautions with any assistance device you may use, ensuring walking aids are the correct height, that wheels are smooth and ferrules are in good condition.


Preventing falls in older adults is made easier with the help of O Neill Healthcare


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