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Etac Swift Commode Shower Chair Accessories

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A comfortable 3 in 1 shower commode chair.

The Etac Swift Commode Shower Chair is a comfortable and discreet commode that’s suitable for those who require a toilet near the bed.

The pan has a lid with a handle, and can be easily removed from above. It is a modular, height-adjustable chair with detachable padding for the seat and backrests. The commode is designed with infection control, functionality and simplicity, making it a great choice for the home, nursing homes and healthcare facilities.

3 in 1 Commode, Shower Chair and Toilet Seat Raiser

The Swift Commode Shower chair functions primarily as a commode and can also be used as a shower chair or as a freestanding toilet seat raiser.

Easy To Clean

The Etac Swift Commode Shower Chair is designed to be easy to clean in mind. It has smooth surfaces, easily detachable padding and is non-corroding.

Soap dish / Lid holder

Handy also for toilet paper. Material: polypropylene

Description Item no.
Grey 80209266



Material: Polypropylene

Description Item no.
Pan without lid 84005066
Pan with lid 84005068


Etac Swift Commode Manual and Assembly

Manual and Assembly


Clean the product with a solvent-free cleaning agent (pH level 5–9), or with a 70% disinfectant solution. Can be decontaminated at max 85°C / 185°F is so required.