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Helping Hand Lowzone Plus Cushion

New improved design, offering superb postural care and weight distribution, minimising pressure on all vulnerable areas.

For over 25 years, the Lowzone memory foam pressure care cushion has been the pressure-distributing foam of choice for almost any situation. From wheelchair cushions to beds, there is a Lowzone Cushion for almost any pressure care application.

The Lowzone delivers:

  • A stable supportive surface to anchor the body – through the pelvis, thighs and feet when seated
  • Maximum pressure distribution – over 31% improvement in weight distribution and 25 stone weight rating as standard
  • Ability to vary position – whether flat or new improved contour specification of all cushions


  • Simple to use – with its ‘sandwich’ construction, the cushion can be used any way up.
  • Durable – manufactured to Furniture and Furnishings (Fire & Safety) regulations for cushions, Crib Ignition Source 5 composite.
  • All covers include – protective flap over zip to reduce incidence of cross contamination, integral platilon membrane and carry handle as standard

Helping Hand Lowzone Cushion

The original high performance memory foam cushion with high fluid like conformity – day long support.

High memory means the cushion only returns to its original shape very slowly after compression, eliminating bounce, absorbing shock and reducing shear.

In a sandwich construction the cushion can be used any way up, any way round.

Enhanced postural support options are readily available to accurately reflect your clients seating needs.

Lowzone Cushion Flyer

Download Lowzone Plus Cushion Flyer

Product Risk Category Weight Limit Description Size Range Covering
LOWZONE+ At risk/ medium risk 25 stone (158kg) Lowzone distributes body weight across the whole seating surface, maintains stability and reduces shear. length 10-30” (25-76cm)
width 10-30” (25-76cm)
depth 2, 3 & 4” (5, 8 & 10cm)
Wipe-down, spacer, towelling and CoolOver

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