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Immedia SatinSheet Pillow Case

Supports moving up and down in bed in combination with the SatinSheet 2Direction BaseSheet.

The Immedia SatinSheet Pillow Case allows caregivers to easily move the user’s head from side to side, without lifting and without the risk of the pillow slipping away.

The pillow case also allows the pillow to be turned 90 degrees and placed under the shoulder and head to assist with moving up and down in bed.

Immedia SatinSheet Pillow Case - O Neill Healthcare

SatinSheet PillowCase

The stripes show in which direction the pillow can be moved.



Immedia SatinSheet System

The Immedia SatinSheet System is designed to make moving a user in bed easier, whatever their ability. The In-bed system also helps to reduce strain on the carers back, preventing work-related injuries. Moreover, it helps to save time and may reduce the number of carers needed.

Washing Instructions

  • Machine wash: max. temperature 80 °C/176 °F
  • Tumble drying: low temperature; max. temperature 60 °C/140 °F
  • Ironing: low temperature; max. sole-plate temperature 110 °C/230 °F without steam
  • No dry cleaning
  • Do not bleach
  • The product is CE marked


Item number Length (mm) Material Maximum user weight (kg) Width (mm)
SatinSheet 2Direction PillowCase IM4117S 600 55% cotton/45% polyester 200 700


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