We are delighted to announce that we are introducing exclusive paediatric products to our range that are brand new to the Irish market.

Finding products for paediatric patients that not only meet their posture and pressure care needs, but that are also adaptable enough to accommodate the child’s growth over years of use can be a difficult task. And with these additions to our range, we are aiming to make this task easier.

This expansion includes new additions to our manual and powered wheelchair range, new paediatric bathing products, and new additions to our daily living product range.


Or, download our new paediatric brochure:

Paediatric Range Brochure - O Neill Healthcare

New Paediatric Wheelchairs

We have added 3 new paediatric options to our manual wheelchair range, the delightfully named Nemo and Dory wheelchairs, as well as the Caribe Advance Mini. We have also added a new paediatric power chair, the Viking Advance Mini, to our range of powered wheelchair .

The Nemo Paediatric Wheelchair - O Neill Healthcare

The Nemo is an ideal active wheelchair for children that’s comfortable, functional and easy to transport. It is designed to be highly adjustable so it can accommodate the growth of the child over time.

Each frame has 60cm of width adjustability. The height and tension of both the backrest and seat are adjustable, and the backrest angle, push handles, and unique footplate are all adjustable as well.

The Nemo comes in pink, red, blue and white colour options with a choice of 3 seat adjustable width sizes: 190mm, 250mm and 310mm.

The Dory Paediatric Wheelchair - O Neill Healthcare

The Dory is designed for children in need of positioning, with tilt-in-space up to 50º and 4 recline positions between 90º-130º. But it has also been designed for caregivers who need a lightweight and practical chair to transport on a day-to-day basis.

As with the Nemo, the Dory is adaptable, to keep up with the growth of the child, with adjustable armrests, height-adjustable and removable footrests and a height-adjustable seat.

The Dory is available in 3 sizes, 250mm, 310mm and 370mm, which are all width and depth adjustable, and can be used with multiple back and seat systems.

The Caribe Advance Mini Paediatric Wheelchair - O Neill Healthcare
The next addition to our paediatric product range is the Caribe Advance Mini, a paediatric tilt-in-space wheelchair designed for maximum adaptability. It has a sturdy steel frame, a pneumatic recline from 89º to 130º, and tilt-in-space from -5º to 30º.

The Caribe Advance Mini is suitable for use with specialised seating systems, such as moulded seating or the Spex Positioning System. It can be extensively adjusted to meet the changing needs of the user, providing unrestricted fixing points for the seat and backrest.

It has a rigid backplate that is height adjustable and comes with tension back straps and a comfort back cushion and the seat width and depth are also adjustable from 300mm-400mm. In addition, the Caribe Advance Mini’s headrest, armrests, and footrests are also all highly adjustable. It comes with a colour choice of white or gray.

The Viking Advance Mini Paediatric Wheelchair - O Neill Healthcare

The Viking Advance Mini is a new addition to our powered wheelchair range. It is particularly suitable for children with mobility problems that require good postural support and that need frequent positioning changes.

The Viking Advance Mini has an electric tilt-in-space function that tilts between -5º to 30º and a mechanical recline function that ranges from 91º to 132º.
It has been specially designed to accommodate the growth of the user over time with a rigid seat that has continuous width and depth adjustability from 300mm-400mm, and a backrest with tension-adjustable back straps that is also height and width adjustable.

The Viking Advance Mini comes with a white or grey frame and is also available in an adult version.


New Paediatric Bathing Products

The Baltic Mini Shower Chair Commode - O Neill Healthcare

The Baltic Mini is a tilt-in-space shower chair and commode for children with motor difficulties. It is comfortable and easy to clean and its tilt function and headrest are designed to allow the child to be positioned comfortably and safely.

It also has a height-adjustable seat, fold away armrests and swing-away, detachable legrests that make transfers to and from the seat much easier.

The Melody is the other new addition to our paediatric bathing range. The aluminium-framed bath chair is designed for children with motor disabilities. Its mesh material is comfortable as well as being waterproof and washable, and it comes with an adjustable backrest and legs to allow for a number of bathing positions.

What’s great about the Melody is that there are both shower and bathtub bases available to raise the chair, and improve the level of comfort for both the user and the care giver. When it’s combined with the shower base it is suitable for use in a shower and the bathtub base lifts the work area and improve the care taker’s posture and comfort.

New Paediatric Products for Daily Living

The final 2 new additions to our paediatric product range are the Alice and the Minnie.

The Alice and The Minnie - O Neill Healthcare

The Alice is a modern height-adjustable electric table that allows you to programme predefined height settings. It’s available with a combination of various tops and bases and it’s perfect for the home or in education settings.

The Minnie is a birchwood paediatric activity chair with low/medium trunk support. It’s a great addition to any home or classroom as its relatively low seat height can improve a child’s integration with other children by allowing them to be seated at the same level as the other children.

It is highly adaptable with a back that reclines from 95º to 105º, height-adjustable legs, depth-adjustable seat (4cm), and height and angle adjustable armrests. There are also abductor, trunk lateral supports and side pad accessories available.


Assessments, Demonstrations and Presentations

Over the coming months, our product specialist team will be performing assessments, demonstrations, and presentations of our new paediatric products. Healthcare professionals can avail of these by emailing us on sales@onhealthcare.ie or by contacting your local area rep directly.

For more information on our paediatric product range, check out our new paediatric brochure below:

Paediatric Range Brochure - O Neill Healthcare