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Kato Plus Modular Seating

The Kato Plus seating system is an adjustable, semi-bespoke modular seating solution with a proven track record.

The Kato offers great value included in the standard package. Its features have been developed to improve the cost efficiency and function of the seating system, whilst increasing its versatility and clinical effectiveness.

User Instructions for the Kato Plus, Posture Belts and Posture Harnesses are available to download below.

User and Parent-Friendly

The Kato has been developed to be as user/parent-friendly as possible, with a very simple to user interfacing system that affords it the ability to transfer between wheelbases easily. To ensure that all Kato systems meet the highest physical demands, the interface is manufactured from 9mm polypropylene, and extremely tough and durable material, that will not crack or shatter.

The base and back are hinged together to form a single piece system. This helps to maintain the relationship between the pelvis and the upper trunk of the client.


As a semi-bespoke seating solution, the Kato Plus system provides high levels of adjustment to suit each individual client. The assessment team has the ability to determine exact specifications and subsequent dimensional data of the proposed system, ensuring full use of its flexibility to accommodate growth and postural change.

Curved and Anti-Roll Headrests

Should the profile of the standard headrest be unsuitable, there is a range of curved options available. In cases where the client is prone to trapping his/her head outside the headrest, we have designed an anti-roll support which is available in two levels of curve.

New Knee Block and Pommel System

The knee block system can be used in either a symmetrical configuration or adjusted to accommodate up to 75mm of leg length discrepancy. Whichever configuration is required, the knee block is simply attached and removed via a push button mounted onto a single stem location.

The Kato can be interfaced to a wide range of wheelbases, wheelchairs and buggies. This can be achieved by using either a simple strap in system or using an interface, such as the Blatchford Adaptable Interface System (BAIS).

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Standard Components
  • Polypropylene interface
  • Ramped or flat base cushion
  • Two shaped backrest pads
  • Adjustable pommel
  • Adjustable swing away thoracic supports
  • Adjustable full length hip supports
  • Standard headrest for transport
Additional Components
  • Curved and Anti-roll headrests
  • Adjustable knee block