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Raizer M – Manual Emergency Lifting Chair

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From a lying to a standing position in minutes, and operated by just one person!

The all new, all manual, Raizer M Manual Emergency Lifting Chair empowers independent living. A fall in the home can be extremely stressful and the Raizer M allows one person to safely, swiftly and easily raise a fallen individual back to their feet.

Safe, Affordable and Easy To Use

The Raizer M provides the same quality, safety and stability as the Raizer and Raizer II lifting chairs family at more affordable price point.

  • Assembly – The Raizer M can be assembled very quickly around a fallen person.
  • Ease of Use – Lifting with the Raizer M requires minimal physical effort.
  • Only One Helper – Lifting with Raizer M only requires one person!
  • Ergonomic – There is no strain on the body for the helper or the fallen person.
  • Always Ready – There is no need for electricity so the Raizer M is always ready.
  • Lightweight – At just 12.4kg, it is easy to carry and transport.
  • Storage – The Raizer M is easy to store and deploy as needed.

The Raizer M is an excellent choice of emergency lifting chair for the home and domestic settings, alleviating the fear of falls and empowering independent living.

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If you or a relative should experience a fall accident, there is a risk that you are unable to get up by yourself. The Raizer M offers help on the spot, and can be used by one person alone, without any training.

The Raizer M is an emergency lifting chair which can be assembled swiftly and easily around the fallen person, and in just a few minutes can raise the person to an almost standing position – and with no strain on the helper or the fallen person!

Falling accidents are an everyday experience and a real concern for older individuals

Older citizens are at greater risk of falling. Studies show that every 3 person aged over 65 years has a fall at least once a year. In most cases, these falls do not have serious consequences, but unfortunately, not everyone is able to get back on their feet again and many need help to stand back up.

Lifting another person from the floor can be too difficult and strenuous a task for relatives, and the fallen person can often have to wait for a long time to get outside help.

The Raizer M makes this task easy, empowering independent living and removing the fear of fallen for those more prone to it.

In this way, the Raizer M makes a genuine contribution to improved quality of life, because you can feel safe getting around when you know that you can easily get up again – simply with the help of a loved on.

“Now I no longer worry that I may fall, because I know that I can get help right away – and that even from my own wife,” says William about having a Raizer M at home.

The Raizer M is always standby and ready for use

  • It is always ready to carry out a lift whenever it is needed
  • It is not reliant on electricity or a charged battery
  • It is lightweight and easy to carry around the house, and it can be stored away in a closet when not in use
  • It can be assembled in most places and it does not take up much space before, during or after assembly
  • The crank handle can be inserted and operated from both sides of the seat allowing for operation where there is sufficient room

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Raizer M – Manual Lifting Chair Fact Sheet – O Neill Healthcare

Raizer M Fact Sheet

Raizer M – Manual Lifting Chair Information Leaflet – O Neill Healthcare

Raizer M Information Leaflet



Model: Raizer M

  • Operation: Hand-operated by 1 person
  • Duty cycle: 1/5 min
  • Dimensions (L x W x H):
    • Standing: 540 x 880 x 1274 mm
    • Lying: 1322 x 880 x 277 mm
  • Lifting capacity: Max. 150 kg
  • Lifting time: 1-4 min.
  • Weight:
    • Seat: 7.2 kg
    • Legs and back support: 5.2 kg
    • Total: 12.4 kg
  • Working temperature: +5ºC to +40ºC
  • Life expectancy: Min. 5 years / 1.000 lifts with max. load
  • Materials:
    • Seat: Polycarbonate, ABS
    • Backrests: Polycarbonate, ABS
    • Legs: Aluminium


The Raizer M is in compliance with MDD 93/42/EEC: Medical Device Directive Medical devices under class 1.

The Raizer M meets the relevant requirements notably in following standards:

  • EN/ISO 10535:2006: Hoist for the transfer of disabled persons
  • DS/EN 12182:2012: Assistive products for persons with disability
  • General requirements and test methods


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