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Etac Swift Commode Shower Chair

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A comfortable 3 in 1 shower commode chair.

The Etac Swift Commode Shower Chair is a comfortable and discreet commode that’s suitable for those who require a toilet near the bed.

The pan has a lid with a handle, and can be easily removed from above. It is a modular, height-adjustable chair with detachable padding for the seat and backrests. The commode is designed with infection control, functionality and simplicity, making it a great choice for the home, nursing homes and healthcare facilities.

3 in 1 Commode, Shower Chair and Toilet Seat Raiser

The Swift Commode Shower chair functions primarily as a commode and can also be used as a shower chair or as a freestanding toilet seat raiser.

Smart Features

The Etac Swift Commode Shower Chair can be set with a slight anterior tilt to assist with standing up. The seat pad conceals a removable pan with a secure lid that locks automatically when lifted, and the soft ferrules give an excellent grip on all surfaces. the soft seat and back support paddings come as standard.

Easy To Clean

The Etac Swift Commode Shower Chair is designed to be easy to clean in mind. It has smooth surfaces, easily detachable padding and is non-corroding.

It comes flat packed and is easy to assemble and height adjust, without the need for tools.

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Etac Swift Commode - O Neill Healthcare

Integrated, self locking lid

The pan with a secure locking lid, fits smoothly and becomes one unit with the seat.

Etac Swift Commode - O Neill Healthcare

Ferrules with a firm grip

The ferrules squeeze away the water and adapt perfectly to the floor.

Etac Swift Commode - O Neill Healthcare

Safe surface

The structure of the surface ensures a safe, non slip seat, even when wet.

Etac Swift Commode - O Neill Healthcare

Flat Packed, Easy Assembly

Comes flat packed with no tools needed for assembly.


The Swift commode is stable but at the same time has a built-in flexibility that allows all four legs to stand firmly even if the floor is uneven. The seat of the Swift commode can be set to a slight forward angled to make it easier for the user to rise from the chair. The backrest and armrests may be removed if necessary.

Easy handling
  • Swift commode is easy to assemble, handle and clean.
  • The light weight makes it easy to move, and it can be brought directly to the shower for cleaning.
  • The integrated pan has a tightly secured lid that locks when the handle is in the upright position.
  • To assemble and adjust the height of the Swift commode is easy as no tools are needed.
  • The product comes flat-packed together with the pan and cushions.


Etac Swift Commode Manual and Assembly

Manual and Assembly


Seat height 42–57 cm Lage versie: 34,5 – 42 cm
Seat width 54 cm
Width between arm supports 45 cm
Width 56 cm
Opening: depth x width 30 cm x 21,5 cm
Weight 5.4 kg
Maximum user weight 130 kg
Material Seat, back and arm supports: polypropylene
Legs: aluminum and polyamide
Ferrules: TPE
Back and seat pads: Polythylene with nylon fabric



Clean the product with a solvent-free cleaning agent (pH level 5–9), or with a 70% disinfectant solution. Can be decontaminated at max 85°C / 185°F is so required.

Soap dish / Lid holder

Handy also for toilet paper. Material: polypropylene

Description Item no.
Grey 80209266



Material: Polypropylene

Description Item no.
Pan without lid 84005066
Pan with lid 84005068