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Etac Smart Shower Stool

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A rectangular stool with a range of seating possibilities.

The Etac Smart Shower Stools is a rectangular shower stool that provides a range of seating heights for a safer, more comfortable shower experience.

It’s just as comfortable whether you are sitting on the long side or the short side. It is also available with a Swivel Pad and in a Low Version which can be used as a bath seat.

The Low Version stools are also perfect for use in a care situation.

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Etac Easy Shower Stool - O Neill Healthcare10

Easy to fit
The push button lock function makes it easy to both fit and remove the legs.

Etac Easy Shower Stool - O Neill Healthcare

Easy and safe
The oval shape prevents the telescopic legs from turning when adjusting the height.

Etac Easy Shower Stool - O Neill Healthcare

To ensure stability, the legs are angled outwards. This means that the higher the seat, the larger the footprint.

Etac Easy Shower Stool - O Neill Healthcare

Ferrules with a firm grip
The ferrules squeeze away the water and adapt perfectly to the floor.


Seat width 43 x 38 cm
Seat height
42–57 cm
Lage versie: 34.5–42 cm
45.5–46.5 x 41–43 cm
Colour Grey, ice blue
Weight 3.2 kg
Low: 3 kg
Maximum user weight 150 kg
Seat: Polypropylene
Legs: Aluminium, polyamide
Ferrules: TPE


Clean the product with a solvent-free cleaning agent (pH level 5–9), or with a 70% disinfectant solution. Can be decontaminated at max 85°C / 185°F is so required.


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