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Star Galaxy Cushion

The Star Galaxy Cushion combines multi-cellular air technology with a patented, contoured design, which supports specific areas and fits the anatomical form.

The Star Galaxy cushion has uniquely anatomically shaped cells that provides immediate immersion and envelops around the user’s body structure. The Galaxy cushion is also divided into two separate compartments, one in the front and one in the back, to enhance the pressure redistributing qualities.



Immediate Stability

Galaxy pre-contoured air cells ensure immediate stability. The large rear cells provide a sturdy support for users with gluteal muscle atrophy.


Pressure free coccyx

Galaxy middle rear air cells are designed to offload the coccyx. Perfect for pain sensitive users who want to improve their sitting tolerance.


Immersion and Envelopment

The air cells are pre-contoured for a symmetrical position that envelops the body structure. This reduces the risk for tissue deformation and provides very good pressure redistribution properties. Perfect for prevention and care of pressure ulcers.


Two compartments Adjustable front to back

Adjusting the air to lower the pressure under the ischial tuberosities, while keeping a higher pressure at front under the thighs, will maximize the stability and help facilitate side transfer.


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